Prepainted Color Design Printed Steel Coils

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Size: 0.15mm-1.5mm x 600mm-1250mm
Surface: color printed
Packing: Standard Export Metal Packing

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Prepainted steel coils/sheets

   Color printed


Prepainted steel coils/sheets are also called as color coated steel coils/sheets, generally are made by coating (roll coating) a layer on the substrate or bonding organic film and then baking into final coils/sheets. The substrates are galvanized steel coils (PPGI) or galvalume steel coils (PPGL), aluminum coils (PPAL).

Prepainted steel coils/sheets are new building material developing rapidly in recent years all over the world. It undergoes chemical pretreatment, initial coating, final coating and other processes in a continuous production line. The coating is uniform, stable and ideal, much better than the individual spray coating or brush painting of the shaped metal parts.

Prepainted steel coils/sheets have excellent decoration, shaping, and good corrosion resistance properties. The coating adhesion is good and will not be changed for a long term. Because the prepainted steel can replace the wood, it is an efficient construction material, with energy saving, preventing pollution and good economic effect.


1) Flower design printed


 Flower design printed  (1)

Flower design printed  (2)


2) Wooden design printed


Stone design printed

Stone design printed1


3) Stone design printed


Wooden design printed  (1)

Wooden design printed  (2)


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